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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Windows 7 / Apache 2.2 - (OS 5)Access is denied. : file permissions deny server access:

If Apache is throwing a strange Access Denied message for a single directory on Windows 7, open up Windows Explorer, and browse to the problem folder. If it displays in green, then the contents are encrypted, and Windows 7 won't serve the file. Cool stuff!

Here is the browser error:
You don't have permission to access /simplejquerydropdown/index.html on this server.

Here is the error.log:
(OS 5)Access is denied. : file permissions deny server access:

The fix is to unencrypt the contents by:

1. right-click on the folder and choose properties.
2. General->Advanced
3. Uncheck 'Encrypt contents to secure data'
4. Click OK
5. Click OK to close the Properties dialogue box
6. Choose to apply these changes to subfolders and files, and click OK


Anonymous said...

I was about to pull my hair out, but this post saved me! Nice post, thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wew. I had this permission denied issue just a while ago. Thanks for this post it save me a lot of time not to mention frustrations. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

my god i wasted about 3 hours trying to Google this and JUST before i gave up i found this post..

Thanks a million! Stupid encrypt garbage!! arggggggggggggggh!

Manigandan K said...

thank you so much

Unknown said...

You are a lifesaver, or at very least a massive time saver: I didn't spend quite 3 hours trying to resolve this, but I could easily have done if I hadn't run across this post of yours!

cokocoi said...

Bro!!! Excellent for you!
You save my brain to be crazy..