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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mac OSX / Adobe Bridge CS5 - error occurred in a Bridge extension, and insufficient disk storage

We have found an interesting problem with Adobe Bridge CS5, Mac OS X 10.6, and CIFS shares from our Netapp. When starting Adobe Bridge CS5, we received four errors:

'TypeError: undefined is not an object;
buildUIStack(true, "Cabinet")

'TypeError: undefined is not an object:
buildUIStack( true, "Cabinet")
populate([Group:[object Group]],true)'

'An error occurred in a Bridge extension
Javascript error .../amgMain.jsxinc:1251: dropdown.onChange is not a function'

And, when trying to save a PDF or Web Gallery via the Output Module:

Our issue was caused by Windows/CIFS network shares mounted on the desktop. Once we unmounted the CIFS shares, all javascript, and disk storage errors went away. Interestingly enough, we also have a CIFS share, (also from the Netapp), which has UNIX-enabled security, and which does not cause Bridge to throw any errors when saving through the Output module...

So to sum-up:

1. Bridge CS5 is throwing the same error messages on startup, and when using the Output module to save to the local harddrive, as posted by JM at the start of this thread.
2. The errors are fixed by unmounting any Windows-security enabled CIFS shares, in our case, from a Netapp.
3. UNIX-security enabled CIFS shares from the same Netapp do not cause any errors.

Like JM we were not trying to access any of the network shares, and were trying to save to /Users/ouruser/Documents/, which are on the local harddrive.

We only encountered the issue, JM and the users on the thread get all of the credit for finding the work-around.


Shannon Eric Peevey said...

It looks like Adobe is looking into this issue:

Anonymous said...

i really hope so

Anonymous said...

I second that. And contact sheet II is broken, too (after jumping through the hoops to get it in Photoshop CS5, it doesn't recognize it as a valid plug-in (even when I use it from the Bridge>Tools menu)!