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Friday, September 10, 2010

Coldfusion autosuggest and leading zeros

I am adding this to my brain dump, as it is hidden in a comment in Raymond Camden's ColdfusionJedi article, "Using CF8 Ajax features to solve the 'pick one of thousands' issue":

In Coldfusion 8, autosuggest will strip leading zeros off of numbers. The fix is to add whitespace to the front and end of the number before returning it to the browser.

The answer is found here:


Anonymous said...

We're having lots of fun with ColdFusion 8 Ajax although for some reason we are having to use cfajax rather than the native cf8 functionality. Could it be because the ajax path is locked? Native cf8 ajax works fine locally. I'm not the admin for the machine so not sure what's going on but having fun! cliff

Shannon Eric Peevey said...

Hi Cliff,

What errors are you getting in the application.log? If you don't have access to that, are you able to set ?cfdebug in the URL? If not that, can you view the AJAX requests via Firebug?