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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta 1 on Ubuntu Lucid

It is very easy to setup the new beta release of firefox. Essentially, visit http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/beta/, hit the download button, (which saved it to ~/Downloads), and then perform the following:
speeves@mycomputer:~/Downloads$ bzip2 -d firefox-4.0b1.tar.bz2 
speeves@mycomputer:~/Downloads$ tar xvf firefox-4.0b1.tar
speeves@mycomputer:~/Downloads$ sudo mv firefox /opt/
speeves@mycomputer:~/Downloads$ ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox ~/bin/firefox4
speeves@mycomputer:~/Downloads$ firefox4

I setup a link to firefox4, so that I could move back and forth between my production version and the new beta.


sid1907 said...

I'm a total newbiee at ubuntu
I manually extracted the folder 'firefox to the Downloads folder then went to the Terminal and started typin the below and got these errors..please help me out.

sid1907@ubuntu:~$ cd /home/sid1907/Downloads
sid1907@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ sudo mv firefox /opt/
[sudo] password for sid1907:
mv: cannot move `firefox' to `/opt/firefox': Directory not empty
sid1907@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox ~/bin/firefox4
ln: creating symbolic link `/home/sid1907/bin/firefox4': No such file or directory

PS: I did not get the 'Directory not empty' error the 1st time.
It moved files properly the 1st time but the subsequesnt steps didnt work so i manually tried to make a bin and an opt folder in my home folder but nothing worked.
I have deleted all that now but still facing this issue! :(

Shannon Eric Peevey said...

Hi Sid,

The quick fix would be to create a /home/sid1907/bin directory:

mkdir ~/bin

Then retry creating the symlink to firefox4 in that directory:
sid1907@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox ~/bin/firefox4

NOTE: ~/bin is added to PATH when you login. (~/.profile)

Let me know if you have any problems.

Rebecca said...

rabbit@penguincounter:~$ cd Downloads
rabbit@penguincounter:~/Downloads$ cd Downloads
bash: cd: Downloads: No such file or directory
rabbit@penguincounter:~/Downloads$ sudo mv firefox /opt/
rabbit@penguincounter:~/Downloads$ ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox ~/bin/firefox4
ln: creating symbolic link `/home/rabbit/bin/firefox4': No such file or directory
rabbit@penguincounter:~/Downloads$ ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox ~/bin/firefox4
ln: creating symbolic link `/home/rabbit/bin/firefox4': No such file or directory

Shannon Eric Peevey said...

Hi Rebecca,

I'm guessing that you don't have a ~/bin directory. You can create this by running:

mkdir ~/bin

Let me know if that doesn't fix your issue.

Kyle said...

The program extracts successfully and I get no errors doing so, but when I type 'firefox' I do not get the beta, but rather my old version. Also, even if I go manually find the firefox/firefox file and run it, there is no visible effect (if I hit 'run in terminal' I see the terminal window for half a second, then it disappears and does nothing).

I am actually running the 2nd beta because that is what is currently available, but I have it set up as described above.

Kyle said...

I also notice that the manually activating the link file in ~/bin returns a 'link is broken' error.

Shannon Eric Peevey said...

Hi Kyle,

I have updated instructions for Beta 2 at:

I'm not sure that I completely follow your issues, but make sure that all of your firefox windows are closed before starting the new version, otherwise, the old version will just fire up another window. Also, if you try to run "firefox" from the command line, it will find the older version in /usr/bin/firefox, before the one in ~/bin. The best way to start up the new version is to use the symlink idea, (ie creating a link to "firefox4"), or use the launch bar shortcut idea by Ryan Rampersad:

Let us know how it goes!

Kyle said...

I followed the instructions at the new page and at the other site as well, but the problem remains. My issue is simply that I have not been able, by any means, to actually launch the beta.

Shannon Eric Peevey said...

@Kyle: Can you post your commands for launching the binary, (like sid and rebecca). That should give us an idea on what's happening.

Anonymous said...

I was just having the same problem as kyle. Even if all firefox windows are closed you may have additional firefox processes to kill.
$killall firefox-bin

I was then able to start firefox4 using

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