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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rhythmbox plugins - rbpitch

This great plugin allows you to change the pitch and tempo in real-time, (similar to Quicktime), except on a GNU/Linux box. The main site is just a git repo, but this Ubuntu Forums post talks about it:

Here are the instructions on how to build it:

Here is the GIT page:

I will be using this for my transcriptions :)


cliff.whitworth said...

Thanks! just rebuilt my 233 using Puppy Linux and will give this a try.

Shannon Eric Peevey said...

I wish the sliders where a little more effective, but this beats waiting for Audacity to process the file :)

Shannon Eric Peevey said...

Ok, there are some new instructions for Rhythmbox 0.13.0, (which is not in Debian Squeeze):