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Friday, March 26, 2010

Adobe Coldfusion Builder - installation notes

I wanted to write up some notes about my Adobe Coldfusion Builder installation experience. I am a longtime Eclipse user, so I thought I would just install the plugin version into my existing Eclipse installation. Here are the troubles that I have had:

1. You need to uninstall CFEclipse and Coldfusion Extensions first.
2. You need to import your CFEclipse projects into the Coldfusion Builder. (http://www.trunkful.com/index.cfm/2010/3/23/Migrating-to-ColdFusion-Builder-from-CFEclipse)
3. You need to do a full uninstall of Coldfusion Builder, if you decide you want to try the standalone version after installing the Eclipse plugin. If you don't, you will receive a Licensing error mentioned here, (http://blogs.adobe.com/cfbuilder/2010/03/things_to_watch_out_while_inst.html), when you startup the standalone version.
4. You need to do a full uninstall of Coldfusion if you decide you want to go from the standalone to the Eclipse plugin. If you don't, the cfbuilder_install program will complain about existing Coldfusion Builder plugins. You may need to manually delete any existing /Application/Adobe Coldfusion Builder* folders, (on a Mac), in addition to manually deleting Coldfusion Builder plugins from the /path/to/eclipse/plugins directory.
5. My initial installation of Coldfusion Builder as an Eclipse plugin was broken, so it showed up as being installed into Eclipse but broken. There was no Uninstall option for the packages while in this state, so I manually deleted the folders in #4, was then able to continue installing Coldfusion Builder back into Eclipse.

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