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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vista - explorer.exe using 99% of CPU

I was experiencing high cpu usage since installing Vista Service Pack 1, and had difficulty finding leads as to what the problem was. Right before deciding to uninstall Service Pack 1, I pulled up ProcessExplorer, and delved into the detailed information which it provides for us. After a hint from this post, I started watching the Threads tab in the explorer.exe properties windows, in which I saw multiple SHLWAPI.dll!Ordinal197+0x57 threads chewing up most of the CPU cycles. After another search for 'shlwapi.dll high cpu', I hit on this post which has the answer.

Right-click on your Start Menu->Properties->Customize...

Find "Search Files", (which is towards the bottom of the list), and change "Search this User's files", to "Don't search for files".

This killed explorer, and when it restarted, it began using an appropriate amount of CPU cycles.


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