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Monday, January 5, 2009

Coldfusion - Linux bin file is really just a zip file

I should have figured this, but the bin format that Adobe distributes Linux Coldfusion is just a zip file, which makes it nice for seeing if the ApacheBuildInstructions.txt was updated in version 8.01. Here was how I did it:

cd /path/to/coldfusion-8.01-lin.bin
unzip coldfusion-801-lin.bin
grep -r -i "wsconfig.jar" Z_/
Binary file Z_/installers/sources/Core J2EE Server_zg_ia_sf.jar matches

cd Z_/installers/sources/
unzip Core\ J2EE\ Server_zg_ia_sf.jar
cd runtime/lib/
unzip wsconfig.jar
cd connectors/src/
less ApacheBuildInstructions.txt

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