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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

openLDAP on Cygwin is very slow

I have converted my dev environment from Debian GNU/Linux to Windows Vista, (to punish myself :P ), and have found that a Cygwin compiled openLDAP (2.4) is too slow for very large subtree searches. As a work-around, I have installed andLinux, (which uses coLinux to run alongside Vista), and have transferred my openLDAP installation into it. andLinux is nice, as they do the X server configuration for you, and allow you to place KDE, (xcfe), tools right on the desktop or in your quick launch.

Be aware that andLinux is currently at Ubuntu Gutsy, so you will need to upgrade to Ubuntu Hardy, then to Ubuntu Intrepid. (Don't go directly to Intrepid, as I found out :)) ).

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