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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Coldfusion / Eclipse - debug mappings confusion

I just got Eclipse to debug with a Coldfusion server on a remote host, but am not sure I understand mappings with the Coldfusion Extensions. Here are the specs:

localhost - Windows Vista / Eclipse 3.4 / CFEclipse 1.3.2beta / Coldfusion Extensions 1.0.191910

remote - Ubuntu 8.10 / Coldfusion 8

My mappings were (not working):
localhost - c:\Users\me\Documents\workspace\project
remote - /home/me/workspace/project ( which was a symlink to /home/me/win/Documents/workspace/project on the remote filesystem )

Those mappings gave me the dreaded, "Source Not Found - Edit Source Path Lookup" message in the debugger. During this, Eclipse was showing the template to be at:

This completely confused me, as I was assuming that Eclipse was confused about which filesystem variable it should be using, and was grabbing the Ubuntu variable by mistake (bug). My assumption was that Eclipse should be showing me a Windows path... I was wrong. Here are the working mappings:

localhost - c:\Users\me\Documents\workspace\project
remote - /home/me/win/Documents/workspace/project

So, Eclipse was displaying the remote path, and Coldfusion, (through RDS), was returning the path that it was trying to access. This apparently isn't tied to the remote mapping set in the debug configuration... Also, it couldn't find the source code through a symlink... Here are two possibilities that I can think of:

1. Coldfusion extensions can't handle symlinks at all
2. Coldfusion extensions can't handle symlinks to (Samba?) mounted filesystems

I don't know, and just needed to get this down while it was fresh. Now it is off to bed... :P I hope this helps someone else, because I see a lot of frustration (on the web) with this particular feature of the Coldfusion Extensions, and though the localhost setups are simple and documented many times, setups between Eclipse and a remote machine are not documented as well.

Here are the links which helped me to make the mental leap:


Anonymous said...

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speeves said...

Ok, so this post has just helped me setup debugging again with Eclipse, CFEclipse, and RDS mappings... So, I guess there must be something of substance here :P