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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Google Apps for Education - Gmail - gets full directory searching in the address field

Another friend, Dan, pointed out that GAE now gets full domain searching for email addresses while typing in the To: or any address field, (Compose Mail). This is similar to the auto-complete functionality in other email clients, and is a major coup for GAE. Previously, the address completion drop-down only listed My and Suggested Contacts, and most of our users were grumbling a bit about having to search for everyone. (I expected this feature to appear sooner or later, it has already been implemented in Google Docs and Calendar for the past month or two).

In addition to this change, he pointed out that there are some more Google Lab tools, "Right-side labels", and "Right-side chat", by Emily C. These work best for wide-screen monitors, but is still pretty cool :)

Thanks for pointing these out!!

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