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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gmail Contact Import upgrade

It appears that Google did a major release, and the contact import has received a major upgrade. In the past, you could only import "Name, Email, Notes", but now, (I saw this yesterday), you can:

1. Do a full import of an Outlook CSV.
2. Do a full import of Thunderbird CSV, but change the "Display Name" header to "Name".

Sorry Thunderbird folks!! You get short-changed again, BUT, I imagine this is a bug, and will be fixed shortly.

BTW, you will know if you forgot to change "Display Name" to "Name", as all of your contacts will be listed as "(Unnamed Contact)", (even though "Display Name" is correctly imported, and viewed when clicking on the contact). If this happens, delete all of your problem contacts, change the column header, and everything will import correctly.


Jason T. said...

A dozen sites about opening a command prompt, replacing entire lines of the file, and you're the only one that mentions this tiny adjustment - the one that works. Thanks!

speeves said...

I'm glad to help! It was a fun project :)

Usman said...

how to change the display name??

Shannon Eric Peevey said...

@Usman: If you open the exported CSV file in a text editor, or Excel, then you can change the column header "Display Name" to "Name". Close and save your changes. Let me know how it goes!