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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Facebook is buggy, and here is why

I am fairly new to facebook, but am surprised at how buggy such a popular site is. (Maybe I shouldn't be, since I have worked behind the scenes at one). Anyways, as I had additional UI issues tonight, I thought I would see if there was a bug list anywhere, and was pleasantly surprises to find that they have a public Bugzilla installation:

As well as a developers page to help people to harness the Facebook API:

And even more importantly:

Where they are giving back to the Free Software community! Very, very, VERY cool :)

But, wait!! There's more...

Very sad... It appears that any contributions made back to Facebook become the property of Facebook, and Facebook may even use contributors work to obtain patents:

"Contributor agrees that this assignment may be submitted by Facebook to obtain patents, mask work
registrations, copyright registrations and otherwise to protect Facebook’s ownership in the Contribution and any and all
related inventions and works of authorship in any country."

How very corporate... I guess I probably won't be contributing to that project...

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