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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Facebook - feed your blog

Simplaris appears to be the simplest way to feed your blog into Facebook. Very simple :)


Rob Sauchyn - Simplaris said...

Thanks for the Simplaris Blogcast recommendation Shannon! Much appreciated.

As the proud sponsors of the tool, I know that the guys behind it are working very hard every day to continually enhance its value.

Thanks again,

Rob Sauchyn
Simplaris - http://www.simplaris.com

speeves said...

It just makes sense to integrate your blog into Facebook :) Tell everyone thanks!

speeves said...

Hmmm... Can't seem to find Simplaris settings in the new Facebook... It used to be under Applications, but is no longer listed there.

speeves said...

My work-around was to search available applications for Simplaris, choose it, and then click "Go to this Application".