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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blackberry 8820 - ASCII Importer Email Address Field Mapping

Imagine this bit of undocumented "mess"...

The email address field is mapped to "Email Address 1", "Email Address 2", not "Internet Address1", "Internet Address2", as the field mapping dialogue shows. (Anyone know where this is documented?)

Thanks to FoneJunkie's post here:

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speeves said...

"First Name","Middle Name","Last Name","Title","Company Name","Work Phone","Work Phone2","Home Phone","Home Phone2","Other Phone","Fax","Mobile Phone","PIN","Pager","Email Address 1","Email Address 2","Email Address 3","Address1","Address2","Address3","City","State/Prov","Zip/Postal Code","Country","Home Address1","Home Address2","Home Address3","Home City","Home State/Prov","Home Zip/Postal Code","Home Country","Notes","Interactive Handheld","1-way Pager","User Defined 1","User Defined 2","User Defined 3","User Defined 4","Salutation","Web Address","Direct Connect","Categories"