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Monday, July 16, 2007

Kitty - SSH client based on Putty

Check this out:

For Putty lovers, (it is forked from Putty 0.60), this is pretty interesting:

* The very first requested feature: the sessions list filter.
If you have a great number of sessions to manage, in KiTTY you can organize them into folders. One folder by application, one folder by hostname, or by environment ... or whatever you want. A new listbox appears in the configuration box. By selecting a specific folder, you will reduce the number of sessions to print in the selection box.

* The second most requested feature: the KiTTY portability.
KiTTY is fully portable. When leaving the last opened session, the program clean all registry trace. Download this config file and store it int the same directory where KiTTY is, to switch the session saving mode to file (instead of registry). Sessions and host keys are saved into kitty.reg file.

* The third most requested feature: Pre-defined saved commands shortcuts.
The new registry key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\9bis.com\KiTTY\Commands] allow to define a new "User command" menu. Donwload and run this example file. The new menu is reached by clicking CTRL + right mouse button. Just select "User Command" to enter into it.

Other new technical features

* New item into connection configuration panel called 'Password'. It means that you can perform automatic password connection. If the first authentication fails you will automaticaly be prompt for a new keyboard enter
* New item into connection configuration panel called 'Command'. This command is automaticaly run just after the successfull connection
* In order to run a local saved script on your remote host, press CTRL+F2 function key.

Other new GUI features

* Multiple different icons can be choosen to easily identify a window into many others. As you will see these new icons came from most famous cartoons. it is the reason why this version of KiTTY is called 'That's all folks!'.
* A 'Send to tray' option is available in main menu as well by clicking CTRL key + middle mouse button
* New features can be activated by pressing CTRL key and left mouse button together, depending the place where we are located on the window:
o on main window it is used to change icon associated to the program
o on minimize button it is used to slide window into system tray
o on title bar it is used to roll-up main window under itself
* Duplicate session can be launch easily by clicking CTRL + SHIFT key + left mouse button
* 'Always visible' option is enabled in main menu
* A 'Protect' option is available in main menu. By selecting it, no further input can be done into terminal window
* A 'Roll-up' option is available in main menu. It can be use to hide main window by rolling it up under title bar
* la fenĂȘtre principale en "l'enroulant" dans la barre de titre Transparency can be modified by pressing CTRL+ or CTRL- keys

Other features

* In order to make life easier for people with lots of saved sessions, the listbox with stored sessions in config window is bigger than the original one (21 lines)
* Automatic saving of the configuration (registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\9bis.com\KiTTY\Sessions) into kitty.reg file
* In order to reduce the program size, KiTTY is compressed using UPX, the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables

* If you are interested in PuttyCyg features you can download and unzip this specific patch into the same directory where you installed KiTTY
* If you want to use a background image, the covidimus patch is also integrated into KiTTY

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