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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Windows / True X-Mouse - Highlight and click to paste

For those who miss the ability to highlight text and then middle click to paste, (a la X), you should try out:


Over the years Microsoft (being under the user community pressure) has undertaken some half-hearted attempts to bring the fewer-clicks functionality to Windows. Yet the most far reaching TweakUI (see PowerToys for Windows XP for XP version) goes only about one fifth of the way. Indeed, to an average X11-user the expression "X-Mouse" means the following:   

  1. Keyboard focus follows mouse pointer instantly (the only one that can be achieved with TweakUI, annoyingly enough accompanied by the "quality" to raise the window upon click).

  2. Marked text is placed into the paste buffer instantly on left button release.

  3. Pasting is done with a single middle button click. (The latter two are implemented in couple of applications - only to feel more acutely the lack of it in the rest of the windows!)

  4. Ability to lower windows with right button click on window decoration.

  5. Autoraise (if engaged) is delayed relative to input refocusing.

All of the above is what this "True X-Mouse Gizmo" is about:-)


Just download the exe:


and place a shortcut in your StartUp folder. It isn't exactly GNOME, but with TXMouse and xkeymacs, I have never enjoyed writing in Microsoft Word so much :)

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