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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Microsoft Vista Business - install from files on local machine

I tried to install Windows Vista from a local set of files that I had copied to my system, but found that I could not search the file system when prompted to insert Disk 2. (I had started the install from a local install of the Disk 1 folder). To get around this, I moved the ISO images to the local machine, (I don't have a DVD burner), and then installed the Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel. You then run VCdControlTool and follow these instructions:

a. Run the VCdControlTool.exe program.
b. In Virtual CDRom Control Panel, click Driver Control.
c. In Virtual CR-Rom Driver Control, click Install Driver.
d. Locate the %systemroot%\System32\Driver folder, click VCdRom.sys, and then click Open.
e. In Virtual CR-Rom Driver Control, click Start, and then click OK.
f. In Virtual CDRom Control Panel, click Add Drive, and then click Mount.
g. Select the .ISO image that you want to mount, and then click Open.
h. In Select Mount Options, click Ok.


This mounts the ISO image as a "network drive", which can be viewed in Windows Explorer. You then start the Vista installation from the Disk 1 ISO image (which is now mounted on y:\, for example), and when prompted for each subsequent image, you eject the previous ISO image and mount the next one.

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