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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Zope - CMFPhotoAlbum/CMFPhoto -> ImageRepository

Ok… After fighting with CMFPhotoAlbum and CMFPhoto, (and submitting some patches to fix issues with these Products), I finally found some obscure posting that they are deprecated…..


That saved me some work by sending me on another trek to find a replacement photo album tool for Plone 2.5…

Enter… ImageRepository:


“Image Repository is a simple folder that can hold thousands of images, and provides you with a user interface that lets you tag things with keywords effectively, as well as browse images by keywords (tags).”

Now, the trick is to keep CMFPhotoAlbum/CMFPhoto working until we can convert all of our old photos to the new format…

(The lack of documentation, (and/or a central repository for this information), is really Zope’s worst feature… Obscure error messages might follow a close second… :( ).

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