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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

php loadable extensions on Debian

I originally implemented PHP on Linux from a tarball, and have moved that original php.ini file, (from around 2002), from machine to machine as I have migrated distributions, etc., etc. Therefore, when I switched to running php4 as a Debian package, I have always had issues with loadable modules, and in particular, mysql.so… None of the examples on the internet seemed to work for us… (So, I would recompile the php deb package to use the builtins, (plus, some other third-party modules). Finally, I read:


and found:

* extension_dir and include_path should be commented out, if you don’t need
special settings for them so php will look in compiled-in paths. If you set
them, you should also add appropriate php install directories there.
Doh!! My old php.ini file had:


Thanks to the Debian folks for doing such a good job of documenting your things! (Not being facetious. They do a _great_ job.)

Note to self: Save some time and headache by reading the docs…

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