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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DREAMWEAVER’s understanding of a testing server

One of our users asked me how to copy files between the “testing server” and “remote view”, and as we poked around a bit, this is what we came up with:

1. Dreamweaver is assuming that the “local view” is the master, and that all synching should be done between the “local view”, and either the “testing server” or “remote view”, (it doesn’t appear to be possible to synch between “testing server” and “remote view”).
Now for the confusing part… How do you specify to which server you want to upload files?

Dreamweaver remembers the last view that you changed from, and will upload the files to that location. For example, if you just changed from “remote view” to “local view”, the files will be uploaded to the “remote view”. If you just changed from “testing server” to “local view”, your files will be uploaded to the “testing server”. Unfortunately, Dreamweaver doesn’t give any indication of the destination in the default view. At this point, (I am a novice Dreamweaver user), it appears that the only way that you can be sure of the destination location for uploaded files is to click on the little blue and white square icon, (the mouseover pops up the message, “expand to show local and remote sites”), on the right-hand “files” menu, (under the “local view”, “remote view” drop-down menu), which expands to a split-screen representation of destination, (on the left), and “local view”, (on the right).


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