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Monday, January 29, 2007

Create madwifi-tools for amd64 architecture

As you may know, we are missing the madwifi-tools binary for the amd64 architecture, but _do_ have one for i386. This is a how-to on creating an amd64 package from the i386 binary.

1. download the i386 binary from:


2. extract the contents of the package:

dpkg-deb -x madwifi-tools_0.svnr1697.0.9.2-1_i386.deb madwifi-tools_0.svnr1697.0.9.2-1_amd64

3. extract the control files:

dpkg-deb -e madwifi-tools_0.svnr1697.0.9.2-1_i386.deb madwifi-tools_0.svnr1697.0.9.2-1_amd64/DEBIAN

4. modify the architecture in the DEBIAN/control file:

emacs madwifi-tools_0.svnr1697.0.9.2-1_amd64/DEBIAN/control

-- change:

Architecture: i386 to Architecture: amd64

5. rebuild the binary package:

dpkg-deb --build madwifi-tools_0.svnr1697.0.9.2-1_amd64
6 . install the new madwifi-tools:

sudo dpkg -i madwifi-tools_0.svnr1697.0.9.2-1_amd64.deb

7. install the binary that you created from madwifi-source:

sudo dpkg -i /usr/src/madwifi-modules-2.6.17-2-amd64_0.svnr1697.0.9.2-1+2.6.17-7_amd64.deb

8. load the kernel modules:

sudo modprobe ath_pci

9. run iwconfig to see if ath0 now appears in your list of network interfaces:

sudo iwconfig


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