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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Apache2/Coldfusion - connector unaware of the coldfusion cluster members

Due to the lack of documentation, I have fumbled with configuring the Apache2/Coldfusion connector, which is essentially the Apache module which tells Apache how to communicate with the coldfusion server. I was under the impression that you set one ipaddress:port in:

JRunConfig Bootstrap

and that the coldfusion server would then tell the Apache about all of the instances in the cluster, which would then populate the proxyservers array in the jrunserver.store file. But, alas, that was an incorrect assumption. Instead, we need to use the Bootstrap directive to tell Apache2 about all of the instances in the coldfusion cluster with a semi-colon delimited list of ipaddresses and ports:

JRunConfig Bootstrap;

And then, when Apache2 starts, it tries to connect to all of the listed instances of coldfusion, then generates the jrunserver.store with the ipaddress:port of each server which Apache2 was able to successfully contact.

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