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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Apache, Frontpage 2003, and webDAV (301 Moved Permanently)

Frontpage 2003 has a problem when trying to copy a COLLECTION (folder) from an Apache web server using webDAV. Here is a sample packet capture on the web server machine:

34.644550 -> HTTP PROPFIND /aboutdbc HTTP/1.1
34.644677 -> TCP webcache > 1753 [ACK] Seq=70073 Ack=5546 Win=16779 Len=0
34.647210 -> HTTP HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently (text/html)
34.795153 -> TCP 1753 > webcache [ACK] Seq=5546 Ack=70648 Win=17065 Len=0
36.026395 -> HTTP PROPFIND /aboutdbc HTTP/1.1
36.028916 -> HTTP HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently (text/html)
36.196829 -> TCP 1753 > webcache [ACK] Seq=6192 Ack=71223 Win=16490 Len=0

Apparently, Frontpage should be including a forward slash at the end of the COLLECTION name:

PROPFIND /aboutdbc HTTP/1.1

Should be:

PROPFIND /aboutdbc/ HTTP/1.1

This missing forward slash causes Apache to return a 301 Moved Permanently. The fix is to add:

BrowserMatch “FrontPage” redirect-carefully

To you httpd.conf and restart Apache.

Thanks to Steve’s Rants and Raves! for this fix:

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